Is Installing Solar Panels Worth It?

Is Installing Solar Panels Worth It?

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We know switching to solar energy is a big decision, and we want to help you determine if it’s right for your home. If you are looking to see if solar panels work well with your lifestyle, you’ve come to the right place!

Are Solar Panels Right For My Home?

Before you start thinking about installing your solar energy system, you need to consider if solar suits your home. Here are a few factors you should think about!

Available incentives and rebates: Check which incentives and tax rebates you would qualify for. States offer different options depending on the system you would need and how you choose to finance it.

Direction your roof faces/the angle of your roof: Ask a professional installer if your roof would receive the optimal amount of sunlight.

Age of Your Roof: Your roof does not need to be brand new, but if you plan on replacing it within the next few years you should consider doing so before installing solar panels.

Obstructions or shading on your roof: Large trees or buildings around your house may cause shadows that decrease electricity production.

My Home Qualifies – Is Installation Worth It?

If your home passes the above checkpoints, you most likely are a great candidate for a solar energy system!

Now that you know your home qualifies, let’s find out if it offers the benefits that you’re looking for. Solar energy may be right for you if:

You want to reduce your carbon footprint. Sunlight is the cleanest source of energy due to its natural abundance. Solar energy has virtually no environmental impact and reduces carbon emissions, ultimately improving air pollution. Green energy is also more self-sufficient than fossil fuel, since solar energy is generated nearly everywhere, whereas fossil fuels are mainly imported from other countries.

 You want to make a smart investment: Contrary to popular belief, solar energy can save you money on your electric bill in the long run! Most homeowners will experience savings around $12K – $15K over the course of their 20-year solar lease [1]. If you’re worried about your taxes, don’t! Most states do not increase property taxes on homes using solar energy.

 You want to receive tax credit: The federal solar tax credit, also known as the investment tax credit (ITC), allows solar energy owners to deduct 30% of the cost of installing the solar system from their federal taxes. It is one of the most critical incentives for clean energy in the United States implemented by the federal government today. Since solar energy is growing across the country, the long-term stability of this policy has allowed businesses to lower costs gradually.

The federal solar tax applies to both residential and commercial systems – every user that owns their systems, as opposed to renting them, qualifies for this deduction. This credit can be applied to personal income taxes that would otherwise be payed to the federal government.

Where Can I Find A Quality Installer?

Momentum Solar is an owner-operated company committed to delivering a first-class experience to our customers through their journey to cleaner, price-protected electricity generated by the sun. Visit our website or call 1-888-MOMENTUM for a free quote!



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