Stop Overpaying for Utilities!

Stop Overpaying for Utilities!

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Daily habits that seem so small can be costing us on our monthly utility bill. Our devices that we leave plugged in, our thermostats and even our water usage can hike up our bills if we aren’t careful! Here are some tips to help cut the costs of your utilities while making your home eco-friendlier in the process.

Use cold water when you can.

Since it takes more energy to generate warm water, try using cold water whenever possible. You should try washing your clothes with cold water as often as you can. Also try taking cold or lukewarm showers as opposed to hot ones. The more you can use cold water, the more you can save on your utility bill every day!

Replace your light bulbs.

LED light bulbs take less energy to use and last much longer than traditional incandescent bulbs, so they can lower your electricity costs. Every dollar saved counts! As a bonus, LED light bulbs are easy to install, free of UV rays and eco-friendly.

Check for drafts.

Add a layer of insulation to your windows and doors to prevent drafts. This will help keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, so you don’t have to drastically change your thermostat. Running your ceiling fans can also help to increase circulation and bring your utility costs down.

Get a programmable thermostat.

These thermostats allow users to adjust temperatures according to a pre-set schedule. This ensures that temperatures are kept lower when possible, like during the day when your working or at night when your sleeping.

You can also monitor your thermostat manually – the optimal temperature to keep your house warm enough while keeping your bill low is 68 degrees.

Unplug your devices.

Even though you might think your devices are turned off, they can still be using electricity if they’re constantly plugged in. Pull the plug on your “energy vampires” like your laptop or tv when they aren’t in use. You can make this easier by using power strips that you can turn on or off.

Check your bill.

Sometimes your utility company gets it wrong! Make sure to thoroughly check your bill each month to see if you are getting charged the correct amount. You can also ask your provider about any discounts – some providers give discounts for those who opt for online statements rather than mailed bills.

Switch to solar.

Solar energy is a great way to lower your electricity costs! Once installed, owners can potentially lower their energy costs to $0 a month. You can also receive tax credit for shared energy produced by your panels. Taxpayers will receive the most out of their tax credit if they invest in solar energy today!

If you want to reduce your monthly bills, reduce your annual taxes and help improve the environment then solar energy may be right for you. Visit our website at or call 1-888-MOMENTUM for more information.


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